“A true professional who will go far in the world of mystery”

Paul Daniels

“To watch Liam demonstrate his skills is to watch an expert at work. Absolutely incredible stuff!”

Ben Cardall

“Liam developed and delivered two bespoke training courses for us. The content was fantastic and his training style was both engaging and inspirational. I thoroughly recommend him. He is a total professional who is dedicated to his art and students.”

Anthony Jacquin, UK’s Leading Exponent of Applied Hypnosis

“Liam has been an incredible mentor to me. Over the past three years he has helped me to build my confidence and improve my self- esteem. He has helped me attain goals I never thought I would achieve. An incredible guy who’s willingness to help others is second to none.”

Kathy Collins, Instructor and F&B Manager

“As a Community Fundraiser for a leading Northern Irish cancer charity, professionalism is a must in any fundraising event I stage. This is why I hire Liam O’Neill time and time again. He is always reliable and his versatility is second to none. He builds an instant rapport with his audience and is a joy to work.”

Gareth McElduff, Community Fundraiser for Cancer Focus, Northern Ireland

“ I started working with Liam because I wanted to lose some weight and become a little healthier, now I looked was affecting my confidence and how I interacted with the people I was working with. In short Liam changed my life in a way I could never have imagined on my own, not only have I reacted a healthy wait (which no diet had taken me) but I also developed a lot more confidence, self-belief and drive. My business has improved as well as my relationships”

Sam , (Corporate Performer)

“My business is booming and so is my confidence, not to mention I now sleep like a baby, thanks Liam” 

Nicola, Entrepreneur

“I contacted Liam after a talk in the company I work with, I want to improve my persuasion skills, thinking this would help me in work, little did I know how much it would help me at home to, my relationship with my kids is greatly improved and my marriage is stronger than ever”

Trevor , CEO

“When I started with Liam my business was doing well, I wanted to try to improve my online activity to help keep my clients up to date with what I was doing. With Liam’s help we re-designed how I was using social media and how I was managing my bookings and classes. This has helped me to improve my intake by nearly 300%”

Steve , Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

“The on line mentoring was just wat I needed to get me to focus harder and work smarter, It helped me progress in my job to get to the level I am now”

Peter , Project Manager

“When you realize that your assumptions are yours, and they only exist in your mind, you realize that you can change them any time you want.” Liam O’Neill – Limitation Is a Mirage

I have hit a few low points in my life and felt like I was pretty much at rock bottom. I had no drive or will to want to do anything. I kept telling myself what is the point, no one cares if I am in shape, no one is here to enjoy the happy me, no one, no one, no one.

“Failing is just a clumsy word for learning, and learning is good.” Liam O’Neill – Limitation Is a Mirage
I was setting my self-worth, goals and my happiness all based on others. I would go through spurts of trying to achieve my goals and do it fast and hard only to pitter out and not complete them. The fits of depression came and went and only got worse because now I couldn’t complete tasks I set myself too.

Then I found Liam O’Neill and his Facebook page, I was inspired by his videos and podcasts. I ordered his book “Limitation Is a Mirage” and read through it faster than I have any other book. It spoke to me, inspired me I just couldn’t put it down. I have even read it a couple of times over, I high light my favorite parts and share them with my friends.

“Sometimes you have to just stop, sit quietly and just be.” Liam O’Neill
It has helped improve my views and relationships with myself, others as well as improved my goal setting/achieving. I try to take a piece of wisdom from the book every day and use it as the guide throughout the day.

“You can imagine anything you like, why not imagine something amazing?” Liam O’Neill – Limitation Is a Mirage.

Ending the review I want to thank the author Liam O’Neill for writing Limitation Is a Mirage and helping make the lives of those who read it easier, better and more successful.

Kristopher Thomas Croteau , Senior Pricing Analyst

This book is written with deep concern for the pain, difficulty and struggle of human existence. It teaches positive thinking, not as a means to fame, riches or power, but as the practical application to overcome defeat and accomplish worthwhile creative values in life.’

Phenomenal mind changing book!

Marcella Owens , Senior Pricing Analyst

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